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Uppsala brand

Municipalities, businesses, organizations and associations have been working together for several years with the goal of profiling Uppsala as a modern urban centre. Uppsala Brand makes sure it happens.

Marketing is carried out at home to create local support and pride. Uppsala is also marketed nationally and internationally.

In many people's mind, the Uppsala of today is located both in Sweden and abroad. The picture of the academic, historical and high-spirited Uppsala has been blended with forces such as successful entrepreneurship, diversity, partnership, contemporary culture, sports, events, congresses and exciting encounters between different cultures and much more.

We want to give the image of Uppsala more dimensions and show how large the picture really is. Uppsala is one of Sweden's four major cities.

The goal is for each participating organization to have increased visibility at the same time as cooperation provides synergies to the parties and the city as an arena for epoch-making knowledge, culture and business.

Together we broaden Uppsala’s brand 

You can also join in strengthening the image of Uppsala! Join us in the Uppsala brand network.


Stefan Pettersson, Marketing Director  
Phone +46 18 727 48 28, +46 722 22 87 28
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