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Funding application

If you are planning a public experience that fits the description below, you are eligible to apply for funding from World Class Uppsala. We must have received your application no later than six months prior to the event.

World Class Uppsala does not provide basic funding, but provides supplemental funding that can raise the level of the event and provide additional hype or visibility.

Criteria for applying events

  • Orientation – the event should:
    - Relate to one of the themes: science, culture, sports or health.

  • Sustainability (social, environmental and financial) – the event should:
    - Contribute to a positive social development and a good city.
    - Carry out environmentally sound activities. 
    - Have funding for basic costs sorted. Basic costs refer to items such as the leasing of premises and salaries. 
    - Have an organiser with sound finances and a good reputation.
    - Be consistent with the idea of human equality regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, skin colour, political ideas or social standing.
    - Not be perceived as offensive, as political or religious propaganda or be held for purely commercial purposes.

  • Content – the event should:
    -  Have an absolutely world-class content, or have good potential to achieve world-class status.
    - Be positive for the city of Uppsala. 

  • Awareness – the event should:
    -  Use the media to have a national, and preferably international, impact.
    -  Be noted by decision-makers within reasearch, business, sports, culture, public sector and media.
    -  Be made known to the residents of Uppsala, who must also be able to participate in the event in some way.
    -  Be followed up and evaluated by the organiser in terms of media coverage in print, digital and social media.

Download application form

Application to World Class Uppsala (docX, 43 kb)

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