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Hambergs Fisk


Hambergs Fisk is one of the most popular fish restaurants in Uppsala. The soul of the restaurant is a genuine interest in marine fauna. Both lunch and dinner are served here. The menu is varied to highlight seasonal ingredients, but always maintains extremely high quality.

The wine list, which has garnered national acclaim, has been carefully compiled to best accompany the food being served. The venue, which is tastefully decorated in white tile, only has room for about twenty. But, the atmosphere is lovely and intimate.

At the fish and delicacy counter at the back of the restaurant, you will find a wide selection, ranging from fish and shellfish to duck liver and caviar from Iran.


max number of persons in the restaurant (48)

Conference facilities:
maximum capacity in restaurant (36 på uteserveringen sommartid, 120 vid bokning av festvåningen)

Food and drinks:
Christmas buffet

General facilities:
banqueting rooms (130)
open-air tables (24)


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