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EAT Christmas dining awaits

Christmas dining awaits

Kick-start the Christmas spirit by enjoying a fine Christmas smörgåsbord together with your nearest and dearest. Several restaurants make their delicacies available from as early as the end of November. Pick and choose between modern Christmas smörgåsbords and more traditional versions, with specialities from Sweden and other countries.

Eating well in December is a tradition which can be traced back over several hundred years and dishes, such as stockfish, dip-in-the-pot and Christmas rice pudding, have a very long tradition in Swedish homes. Many of these traditional dishes are still served on restaurant Christmas smörgåsbords but are now accompanied by "newer" dishes, such as meatballs and chipolatas. Some restaurants have even chosen to introduce entirely new Christmas smörgåsbords reflecting various international influences.

Classical Christmas smörgåsbords

Feast on all the delights of Christmas at lunch, dinner or both of them. Several of the restaurants offer classical Christmas smörgåsbords in traditional and atmospheric surroundings. At Eklundshof you will be served home-spiced mulled wine in front of a blazing open hearth and food from carefully selected local suppliers. At Villa Anna a classical Christmas smörgåsbord is on offer with that "at home feeling" and masses of culinary surprises. Or why not enjoy an exciting Christmas smörgåsbord at Uppsala Slott in Uppsala's most traditional banqueting hall at Cajsa's Kök?


Classical Christmas smörgåsbord with a twist

At the Elite Hotel and Domtrappkällaren you will have an opportunity to enjoy masses of classical Christmas smörgåsbord dishes in beautiful surroundings, but with a modern twist for a more unique experience. Norrlands Nation Fest & Konferens present a magnificent Christmas smörgåsbord with a rich variety of Norrlands specialities in beautiful fin-de-siècle surroundings.


A Christmas smörgåsbord with just that little extra touch

Are you on the lookout for something more than just good food from the Christmas smörgåsbord? This year Flustret is presenting the Christmas show "Legends of pop" where you can enjoy masses of classical pop hits in impressive surroundings. If you are looking for a more "modern" experience then Wallmans at Hyllan is an absolute must, with glittering costumes and heaps of catchy music. But, for those of you who would rather have a bit of exercise after eating, then Latitude 59 offers a range of activities such as minigolf, bowling and shuffleboard.

On the right you will find a list featuring a wide choice of all the wonderful Christmas smörgåsbords that Uppsala's restaurants have to offer.


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