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Fjällnora Recreation Area

Fjällnora open-air recreation area is surrounded by lakes, steep, wooded hilltops and vast forests. In the summer, Fjällnora becomes a paradise of activities. Both lakes in the area, Trehörningen or R...

The Botanical Garden

The Uppsala University Botanical Garden stylishly houses more than 7,500 plant species and is part of the Linnaean Gardens, with the Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus Hammaby. What you can expect and get ...

Ulva Kvarn

At Ulva Kvarn outside Uppsala, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, look at handicraft, purchase beautiful things and have coffee. You can also sunbathe and go fishing. Here you will find, among ...

Uppsala City Garden

Stadsträdgården is Uppsala's city park situated beside the Fyris river. The powers that be in Uppsala took the first steps towards creating this city park in the late 19th century. Now in the early 21...

Tropiska Växthuset (Tropical greenhouse)

At Tropiska Växthuset (Tropical greenhouse) you will find Uppsala's only rainforest, with palms, banana trees, coffee trees and orchids. Plants originating from a hotter climate are grown here, from d...

  • Phone: +46 18 471 28 38
  • Address: Villavägen 8

Adventure Course in Fjällnora

The tree-top adventure course in Fjällnora enjoys a picturesque location beside Trehörningen lake. Here you will find one of the country's biggest tree-top courses, promising a fantastic experience in...


Linnaeus' Hammarby

Linnaeus' Hammarby is one of the most authentically preserved estates from the 1700s. The estate was purchased as a summer residence by the Prince of Botanists himself in 1758 and served as an escape ...

The Linnaeus Garden

Who was 18th century Swedish super-scientist Carl Linnaeus? What did he do that was so important and why should you visit his garden? Linnaeus' biological naming system (the binomial nomenclature) ma...

Hammarskog recreation area

About ten kilometers southwest of Uppsala, you will find the open-air recreation center Hammarskog – rich in nature and fun activities. In the summer, there is a swimming area with jetty, boat rental,...

KFUM Alnäs Friluftsgård

Alnäs outdoor activities center is a scenic meeting place with something for everyone. The organization is known for its wide range of outdoor activities in a gorgeous setting by the northern shore of...

  • Phone: +46 18 32 40 15
  • Address: Mälarvägen 14-16, Graneberg/Sunnersta
  • Web:
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