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Slottsstråket (The Castle Walk)

In the area around Uppsala Castle, there are a number of exciting places to visit. Take a stroll between the Bror Hjorth House, the Museum of Evolution, the Botanical Garden, the Pelle House, the cast...

The Regina Theatre

The Regina Theatre, an intimate theatre teeming with music, dance, poetry and standup performances on its two stages can be found at Trädgårdsgatan 6. Here, you will find a diverse  repertoire of ente...

  • Phone: +46 18 727 83 40
  • Address: Trädgårdsgatan 6

Friluftsfrämjandet’s kayak and canoe rental

Friluftsfrämjandet's canoe hire, in the garden shed at Sunnerstastugan, has 25 one-man kayaks of various models, 3 two-man kayaks and 15 Canadian canoes for hire.

With Friluftsfrämjandet you will...

Vasa konst

Vasa konst is an art dealer's shop and gallery with a focus on 19th and 20th century painting and classic Uppland art. Located on Kungsgatan, you can come here to enjoy and purchase art on the two flo...

Almunge kyrka

Almunge Kyrka (Almunge Church) dates back to the Middle Ages. It was probably built during the time of the House of Folkung (also known as the House of Bjälbo) within the period 1250 to 1350. The lime...

Björklinge kyrka

Björklinge Kyrka (Björklinge Church) is situated on a southern slope, just north of Uppsala. The church was constructed in the 1300s and additions were built onto it later. Here, you can listen to psa...

Danmarks kyrka

Danmarks kyrka (Danmark Church) can be seen from far and wide over the plains of Danmark. The oldest parts of the church date from the 1300s, but the church's high steeple in neo-Gothic style was adde...


Dragby grave field from the Bronze and Iron Age. It features burial mounds, stone circles and raised stones and a mound of stones with a stone cist. Directions: North of Lövstalöt, east of road 600.

  • Address: Dragby

Galleri 1

Along Sysslomansgatan, near Walmstedtska Gården (the Walmstedtska House), you will find the art gallery of Uppsala konstnärsklubb (Uppsala Artists Club). Here, you can view art created by club members...

Galleri London

Down two stone stairways at Fyristorg, you will find Galleri London. Between the 1920s and 1970s, this was the site of a public lavatory. The site was named London because of its resemblance to the en...

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