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The Broby prehistoric site is a settlement and burial area from the late Bronze Age (1100-500 BC). The site contains many different types of graves, including stone arrangements and burnt mounds. Ther...

  • Phone: +46 18 16 91 90
  • Address: Broby, Börje

Burviks golf & resort

One of Sweden's largest golf resorts – Burvik Golf – is situated between Uppsala and Norrtälje. The golf course, with 18 + 3 holes, opened for play in 1992. Situated in a beautiful natural and foreste...

The Disa farm

A visit to Disagården (Disa Farm) is like going back in time to more than a century ago. The estate is an open air museum consisting of old buildings that together give visitors an idea of what an Upp...

Fiby urskog

Fiby Urskog is a nature reserve located by Lake Fiby, about 16 kilometers west of Uppsala. The area spans 87 hectares, of which most is land with unspoiled forest and hiking paths. The area's characte...

House of Peace

At Uppsala Slott (Uppsala Castle), you will find Fredens Hus (House of Peace). Fredens Hus works with matters ranging from social issues to international conflict resolution. One of the aims of the as...

Grönlund Golfklubb

Grönlund Golfklubb is located in Almunge, just 20 minutes from Uppsala. The club's 18-hole course was designed by golf course architect Åke Persson and was opened in 1991. It is a hilly parkland and w...

Husby burial field

Husby ägor (Husby Burial Fields) are home to three known burial fields, with graves from the late Iron Age (550-1050 AD). Two of the burial fields are found at the crest of Långbacken hill. This is wh...

  • Phone: +46 18 16 91 90
  • Address: Husby


Hågahögen (Håga Mound) is an exciting piece of history to visit. The mound, which is about 50 meters in diameter and 7 meters high, is the grave of a man of great wealth and influence. It dates back t...

  • Phone: +46 18 16 91 90

Kung Skute

King Skute’s mound is the biggest among a total of six burial mounds. This site from the late Iron Age (500-1100 AD)  otherwise consists of raised stones and interesting so-called hollows. According t...

  • Address: Lövstalöt


The Kvarnbo burial field consists of one rune stone, some 50 circular stone arrangements and about 30 bauta stones (most of which are used to mark graves). Finds from excavations date the burial field...

  • Address: Frötuna
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