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Husby burial field

At Husby there are three grave-fields with graves from the late Iron Age (550-1050 AD). Two of them can be found at the top of Långbacken, where the population had their cemeteries during the Iron Age...


Hågahögen is an exciting historical location to visit. Measuring approximately 50 metres in diameter and 7 metres in height, it is a Bronze Age chieftain's grave and about 3,000 years old. The grave g...

Kung Skute

Kung Skutes hög is the largest of a total of six burial mounds. It is from the late Iron Age (500-1100 AD). In addition, there are also graves that consist of standing stones from the time around year...


The Kvarnbo burial field consists of one rune stone, some 50 circular stone arrangements and about 30 bauta stones (most of which are used to mark graves). Finds from excavations date the burial field...

The ancient monument at Lena

On the ridge and with good views of the confluence of the Fyrisån and Vendelån rivers lies Lena medieval church. There are several Late Iron Age monuments in the surrounding area, more precisely five ...

The Linnaeus Trails

Linnéstigarna (the Linnaeus Trails) are reconstructions of eight excursions Carl Linnaeus made around Uppsala together with his students. The Prince of Botanists called these trails Herbationes Upsali...


Stadsskogen – which means “the city forest” – lives up to its name. This beautiful setting is home to animals and plants. It also serves as an open air recreation area for anyone who enjoys hiking, bi...

Norrlands Nation Fest & Konferens

Established in 2009, Norrlands Nation Fest & Konferens offers conference services with banquets and all related necessities in the Nation's facilities. Norrlands Nation has undergone extensive renovat...

  • Phone: +46 18 65 70 60
  • Address: Västra Ågatan 14
  • Web:


Just outside of Uppsala, near Arlanda and Stockholm, you will find the Odalgården course and conference center. The facility is situated in an undisturbed natural setting and has different types of ve...

The Pump House

Pumphuset has today an new exhibit about water use, waste and recycling. The exhibit is in Swedish, but tours can be given in English. To book a tour for a group, please contact studiebesok@uppsalavat...

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