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Student Uppsala August 26, 2016

Welcome to Uppsala and one of the year’s most enjoyable student events!

Congratulations! You are one of the 10,000 students beginning your studies at one of our universities here in Uppsala. Regardless of whether you received your admission decision in July or August or have made a late application, we hope that you will be very happy here.

On 26 August, Uppsala municipality, Uppsala University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and other partners come together to host the Student Uppsala event and welcome you to your new study location. Here you can find out all you need to know about what Uppsala has to offer by way of culture and sport, clubs and societies, municipal services, trade and industry and leisure activities. 

Get help with practical matters

As a new student there are a lot of practical matters that have to be sorted out. Perhaps you need help finding student accommodation or a part-time job or summer job, arranging a telephone subscription, registering with a dentist or learning how best to travel on UL buses and trains. During the event there will be a number of companies present that can provide you with information about making the best use of your time as a student in Uppsala. The aim of all this is to give you a good first impression of Uppsala as a home town.

Find the right training facilities for you

During the event you can also find out what Uppsala has to offer beyond traditional student life. There will be opportunities at the event to meet representatives from various gyms, sports clubs, yoga centres and dance studios. They can help you to decide which of the training facilities and sports clubs you would like to use or join.

Get a glimpse into Uppsala’s cultural offerings

Uppsala has a rich cultural life. Here, for example, you have the opportunity to study the autumn programme on offer at the Regina Theatre. The Uppsala International Short Film Festival will also be represented and will not only be presenting its programme, but also looking for new volunteers interested in films. Perfect when you need to relax after class or want to add a little culture to your studies.

Find out more about Uppsala’s clubs and societies

As a student in Uppsala there are plenty of clubs and societies you can join, in addition to your student nation (a social club representing your home region). Meet representatives from RFSU (a sex advisory service), the Swedish Red Cross and Save the Children Sweden and find out how you can get involved in voluntary activities.

Find out about student offers and discounts

Keeping your finances in check as a student can be a challenge. Student loans and grants have to cover everything. That is why we have invited Studenthäftet and Studentkortet to the event, which provide access to hundreds of discounts from local, national and global companies. During the event you will be able to find out more about all of their coupons and discounts. This should make it easier to keep your finances in the black.

Visit us at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

This year’s Student Uppsala will be held on Friday 26 August, in direct conjunction with Uppsala University’s welcome reception at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, and it concludes with a concert at Birgerjarl nightclub.


11.00-15.00 Student Uppsala in Hall C – Fair, activities and offers. (Distribution of concert tickets for concert at Birgerjarl)

12.00 Welcome reception in Stora salen (1st sitting)

13.15 and 15.15 Guided bus tours

14.00 Welcome reception in Stora salen (2nd sitting)

18.00-21.00 Recce pub

21.00 Concert by principal artist at Birgerjarl (Silvana Imam)

Entry is free even if you don’t yet have your student union card

There is free entry to the entire event. You therefore do not need to have joined a student nation or have a student union card, a nation card or other student ID. For the evening’s concert, however, you do need to have collected a ticket from the exhibition area. For those who will visit the Recce Pub or want to listen to the concert by Silvana Imam on Birgerjarl applies to 18-year age limit. Bring therefore valid ID.

Eco-labelled event

Student Uppsala has been recognised as an “Eco-labelled Event” by the Keep Sweden Tidy foundation. We are incredibly proud of this. We look after the environment, both locally and in a broader perspective. We take an active approach to work to reduce our environmental impact and increase your enjoyment as a visitor to Uppsala.

Would you like to get involved and help to further reduce the event’s environmental impact? Then use public transport or a bike to get to Student Uppsala. You can find bus timetables at and there is a bicycle park at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. 

Questions about the event?

Please contact Linda Eriksson, project manager.
Phone +46 18 727 13 42
E-mail Linda Eriksson

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Map to Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Map to Birgerjarl


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