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Ekeby by

A unique medieval village


About ten kilometers west of Uppsala is Ekeby By (Ekeby Village) – the only “row village” in Sweden that has preserved its original medieval structure with ring road. The undivided row village consisted of five farms and at its core has more than thirty wooden houses painted in the traditional ""Falun red"". There is also a smithy, a number of crofter's cottages and Dutch-style windmill at Kvarnbacken.

Ekeby By has great cultural historic value. The village is now preserved as a museum environment that you can visit. In addition to the Karlsson farm that is a museum, you can visit the herb garden and at times it is also possible to have a windmill demonstration. There is an excellent bike path from Uppsala, making the row village a great destination for an outing by bike (whether you bring your own or rent one). Summer Sundays it is possible to buy coffee.


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