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Gamla Uppsala kyrka

Located on mythical ground


Gamla Uppsala, the original Uppsala, was Svealand's royal seat, religious core, thingstead and marketplace that could be reached by boat and sleigh over the waters of Mälaren and Fyrisån. It was here that Gamla Uppsala kyrka (Old Uppsala Church) was built during the first half of the 12th century – according to legend, on top of a heathen temple from the Viking era.

In 1164, the church became the seat of the archbishop and the cathedral for the diocese of Uppsala. It was to this cathedral that the first archbishop of Sweden came – the Cistercian monk Stefan av Alvastra (Stefan of Alvastra). When the seat of the archbishop was moved to Östra Aros (present-day Uppsala) in the late 13th century, the name of Uppsala followed with it.

An alter stone in front of the church commemorates the place where Pope John Paul II held mass in 1989. The church now serves as a parish church with active worship services.


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