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Gränby Linnaeus memorial

In the footsteps of Sara Stina von Linné


Linnaeus, who had many daughters, felt that women should work with botany. With this in mind, he translated the sexual system to Swedish. He even felt that women would be the pioneers of botany since he felt they were closer to nature. He corresponded with many women in his network and encouraged them in their work.

At Gränby Linnéminne (Gränby Linnaeus Memorial), you can learn more about the women in Linnaeus' life. The property actually goes by the name Sara Stina von Linnés Gård (Sara Stina Linnaeus Estate) in honor of Linnaeus' second-youngest, botany-enthusiast daughter and was inaugurated in Gränby in 2003. It became a new Linnaeus memorial in Uppsala.

The house where Sara Stina once lived burned down in 1972, but the garden remains intact on property where animals from the 4H farm now graze. In the expansive green area surrounding the site, you can still make out the fields belonging to the property.

At Gränby Linnéminne (Gränby Linnaeus Memorial), you will find Sara Stinas Stig (Sara Stina's Trail), which leads out into the old fields. On a number of signs, you are guided by the maid of the farm, who tells you what role women and children played in farm life.



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