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Helga Trefaldighets kyrka

Medieval church in a classical neighborhood

Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka (Holy Trinity Church) in Uppsala is situated in close proximity to the cathedral. It is also known as Trefaldighetskyrkan (Trinity Church) and Bondkyrkan (the Farmer's Church). It was inaugurated in 1302 and the relatively low tower was raised substantially in the 1400s.
Both the interior and the exterior of Helga Trefaldighet are characterized by the Middle Ages. However, the pulpit and pews are derived from the restoration performed in 1904-1905, as are the three stained glass windows of the chancel.
In the vaults and on some walls, you can enjoy numerous murals from different eras, particularly the Middle Ages. The earliest are from the 1300s. The entire church is covered in the art of Albertus Pictor and his workshop.
According to the Erik Chronicle, Erik the Holy attended mass in the forerunner to this church before he was murdered. The story has it that barrels of wine were kept in the church tower for the coronation of Erik XIV in 1561. 

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