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King Björn's burial mound


Hågahögen (Håga Mound) is an exciting piece of history to visit. The mound, which is about 50 meters in diameter and 7 meters high, is the grave of a man of great wealth and influence. It dates back to the Bronze Age and is about 3000 years old. The impressive burial gifts found are among the finest from the Nordic Bronze Age.

Hågahögen is popularly known as King Björn's mound, after a mythical Svea king who is said to have had his estate in Håga during the Viking Age. Legend has it that he is buried in the mound. South of Hågahögen, there is a smaller burial field with circular stone arrangements and mounds. The remains of two ritual houses from the same time period are also located nearby.

Bring your picnic basket and make yourself comfortable on the flat rocks in the flowery pasture. If you take a closer look at the flat rocks, you will see scratches made by the inland ice centuries ago.



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