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Tensta kyrka

A majestic medieval church


Tensta Kyrka (Tensta Church) outside of Uppsala was built in the late 13th century and is one of the largest and most lavish rural churches in all of Sweden. The church is one of the most impressive in the country in terms of size, architecture and paintings.

The church is home to many beautiful and historic pieces. It still has two baptismal fonts – one from the 13th century and one from the 15th century – located in the chancel. The alter screen dates back to the 1480s and comes from the workshop of Berndt Notke. The chancel vault also has an iron chandelier from the 15th century. The church owns some valuable silver church plate, even though a lot of it was lost through theft in the 1860s.
Tensta Kyrka is famous for its murals, including depictions of scenes from the life of Saint Birgitta painted in 1437 by the artist Johannes Rosenrod.

The paintings in the chancel were commissioned by the knight Bengt Jönsson Oxenstierna, who is depicted in the chancel. This is considered Swedish art history's first intentional portrait.


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