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Church along Eriksleden


In the district known as Tuna backar, you will find Tunabergskyrkan (Tunaberg Church). The church, designed by architect Istvan Illes, was opened in 1996. The name is taken from the site of the former Tunabergs gård (Tunaberg Estate), which was the home of Carl Peter Thunberg – Linnaeus' best pupil – in the early 1800s.

Tunabergskyrkan is open every day and is a great meeting place for people of all ages, whether its a weekday or Sunday. It is also a natural stop along the Eriksleden trail as it is situated at the halfway point between Uppsala Domkyrka (Uppsala Cathedral) and Gamla Uppsala kyrka (Old Uppsala Church).


Disabled persons:
Access- reduced mobility/wheelchairs
disabled parking
toilet for disabled persons


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