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Ultuna Kunskapspark

A large variety of plants


The new Ultuna campus, part of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), has slowly but surely taken shape. The new Kunskapsparken (Knowledge Park), spanning 9000 square meters, is a part of the campus. The character of the park varies. There is a great variety of plants, landscaping and environments. There are also gardening-related experiments.

During the vegetation period, various instructors and researchers hold lectures on current issues. The southern area is called Staden (the City). It adjoins the Stora Logen café and serves as the entrance to the park. This area is characteristically strict, densely planted and shaded, with vegetation that blends into the urban environment. Staden leads to Trädgården, (the Garden), which is more open and less regimented. Here there are hedges and beds of perennial flowers. Farther north there is Odlingen, which is an experimental area, comprising the Oktavia pavilion and Parken – an open landscape with exotic plants, such as rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolias.

Adjoining Trädgården is the hedged Ullbo Woodland Garden, with a number of interesting and beautiful conifers. Information about the park and research at SLU is available in the pavilion.


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