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Uppsala cathedral

Scandinavia's largest church


Uppsala domkyrka (Uppsala Cathedral) is the largest and tallest cathedral in Scandinavia. Construction on the cathedral began around 1270, with consecration taking place in 1435. The church towers we added at a later time period. No one knows what the medieval cathedral looked like at the time of its consecration. There are no known drawings still in existence. The cathedral has undergone several major renovations. Sweden left the Roman Catholic Church in the 1500s and this had a major impact on the appearance of the cathedral during various periods.

The cathedral is also a royal burial site. For example Johan III and Gustav Vasa (also known as Gustav I) and his queens are buried here. Several famous scientists are also buried here alongside royal personages and other great men. Olof Rudbeck and Carl Linnaeus are two of them. Burials in the cathedral ceased at the end of the 18th century but an exception was made in 1931 when Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nathan Söderblom was buried in the high chancel of the cathedral.

The cathedral's treasures include the reliquary shrine of Erik the Holy and a pulpit from the Baroque period. The Skattkammaren (Treasury) museum is situated in the cathedral's north tower and is home to to one of Europe's finest collections of medieval church fabrics. In addition to the unique textiles and gold and silver objects used in the cathedral's worship services, there are a number of unique objects. Queen Margareta's golden dress is the world's only preserved evening gown from the Middle Ages and the so-called Sture Clothes are the only complete collection of men's wear that survives from the Renaissance.

In the church porch of the cathedral, you will find the cathedral gift shop, where you can purchase gifts and souvenirs, many related to the cathedral or the Skattkammaren (Treasury) museum in the north tower. The cathedral café is located in the building next to the main entrance.


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