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Uppsala's green waterfront area


Uppsala's lush riverside area, Årummet, is a central urban area for activities and experiences. It extends along the Fyrisån riverside through central Uppsala, from the Kungsängs bridge in the south to the street Bärbyleden in the north.

Årummet is a green “living room” and a city playa right in the heart of things, enjoyed by visitors and residents alike. The riverside area is well cared for, with long and inviting benches and sitting areas lining the sunny side and small, lush park spaces of varying character that come one after the other like a string of pearls as you walk along the riverside. Urns with summer flowers and artistic decorations have become a natural part of the atmosphere created.

Take a walk, run or bike ride along the water, have a bite to eat in an outdoor café or just relax on a bench in a setting of natural beauty.



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