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travel back in time with augmented history

What did Uppsala Cathedral use to look like and how did people live in Gamla Uppsala in the Middle Ages? Now you can travel back in time to ancient Uppsala through Augmented History!

With the Visir app, you can step right back into the history of Uppsala. By using your mobile phone as a virtual window, you can explore the area around Uppsala Cathedral and discover and collect virtual archaeological finds in Gamla Uppsala.

As well as being able to experience what Uppsala used to look like, you can also take on a number of challenges and at the same time learn about the places and finds that you discover during your virtual exploration.

The app can currently be used around the cathedral and in Gamla Uppsala. You need to be in one of these places for the app to work. By the summer of 2019, it will also be possible to find out what the harbour at Öregrund and Wik Palace used to look like.

You can download the app to explore the cathedral free of charge via Google-play or App-store and it is easy to connect to Uppsala Wi-Fi at Domkyrkoplan. Visitors to Gamla Uppsala can download the app via App-store or borrow iPads in the Museum in order to experience the ancient environment with buildings, graves and other spectacular monuments.

The Visir app is the result of collaboration between Region Uppsala, Uppsala University and the graphics company Disir Productions. It is part of the Sustainable Product Development project (Augmented Export 2016 – 2019).


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