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Simple tips for meeting organizers

The Nordic region, and Sweden in particular, is the global leader in sustainability, but we all have a common responsibility in continuing to develop and improve.

It is our hope that we can encourage, support and provide advice on how best to plan and implement sustainable meetings and events, both now and in the future.

Uppsala is a good starting point for those who want to arrange more sustainable  meetings. It's easy to get here by public transport and the short distances within the city center make it possible to easily get around town on foot or by bicycle. Our large meeting facilities and the majority of our hotels are environmentally certified.

For some organizers, there is a perception that sustainability is expensive. But it does not have to be that way. With the right choices and taking into consideration that small changes count, a well-thought-out sustainability policy for your meeting can actually cut costs instead of creating them. Sustainability, from an environmental as well as social perspective, is something Uppsala Convention Bureau, together with partners in local industry, continually discusses and develops.

Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something. In the box you will find a number of simple tips to think about prior to your next meeting or event.

Simple tips

  • Communicate the objectives on sustainability to delegates
  • Dare to make demands on suppliers of products and services
  • Choose facilities based on desires regarding sustainability
  • Inform exhibitors about waste separation and recycling
  • Minimize paper copies and use double-sided printing
  • Reuse badge holders
  • Order meat-free meals and seasonally-based foods
  • Avoid bottled water
  • If you are planning giveaways, donate to charities and local community projects

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