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EAT Food from Every Corner of the World

Food from all corners of the world

There are several restaurants in Uppsala that serve food from every corner of the world. You can choose among classic Italian, eccentric crossovers, finger foods from different continents and much more in the city where food culture is flourishing.

Food is part of the experience and Uppsala is a given alternative for all food-lovers. The city has a constantly growing offering of restaurants. Choose between classic Italian, eccentric crossovers, snacks from different continents and much more besides.


In Uppsala you will find a generous offering of Italian cuisine. From Italian classics like Il Forno Italiano to modern newcomers like Aaltos. Another tip is Villa Romana with an open-air restaurant on Gamla torget.


Experience Asian cuisine in Uppsala. At Koh PhanganAmazing Thai and GinnDee you can enjoy tasty Thai specialties.

The USA meets Asia – in the middle of Uppsala. Jay Fu's serves hearty meat dishes from the grill blended with Asian specialties and tastes.


Regardless of its origin, the USA is where the hamburger developed into what it is today. Uppsala has several restaurants where you can combine your hamburger with classic American accompaniments and dips.

Do you like “Fun Dining”? Then Kitchen & Table is for you. The restaurant serves playful dishes with influences and inspiration from Manhattan’s melting pot prepared from locally sourced ingredients.

The rest of the world

Messob is Uppsala’s first African restaurant. Discover and explore tastes while you test exciting dishes inspired by the Ethiopian and Eritrean kitchens.

At Stationen you can enjoy the good things in life from the brasserie in Paris, the pub in London and the café in Rome. Three European classics with food and drink that never go out of style.

Hodja serves traditional Turkish food with a focus on meze. Spicy feta cheese mix, roast aubergine in garlic yoghurt and grilled racks of lamb are a small selection of all you can choose from.

Meza has its origins in one of the pearls of the Middle East, Lebanon. Choose between meza dishes and oriental grilled dishes from the charcoal grill. The food is an experience for both eye and taste buds.

Tzatziki is a genuine Greek restaurant with tastes from all the country’s different regions.  In summer half the pleasure is sitting outside on the terrace on the banks of the River Fyris.

If you want to enjoy tastes from Spain, then try the little tapas bar called Tilltugg,  where you combine your own menu of Spanish dishes with the taste of olive oil, garlic and chilli.


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