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The photo exhibition “The absence of peace” is now closed. There is still the opportunity to purchase images from the exhibition.

Joachim Lundgren is one of the most award-winning photographers in Sweden. During the Peace Bicentennial, he depicts how the absence of peace affects the lives of people in two photojournalistic series.

Afghanistan is one of the most war-torn countries in the world. It is now on the brink of a new phase as the majority of foreign troops are leaving the country. Afghanistan has been in constant conflict ever since it was invaded by the Soviet Union in December 1979. Joachim Lundgren was one of the first reporters to enter the country after the Taliban regime fell in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on 9/11. He recently returned to document the work of Swedish soldiers in Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan. Sweden is part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which is made up of 40 countries supported by the UN. Its mission is to improve security and establish political stability in the country. Sweden’s involvement in Afghanistan is now being wound up, but the Task Force Northern Lights Battle Group is still part of NATO ISAF troops.

North Korea is one of the most sealed-off countries in the world. The country was formed when Korea was reconstructed after the Japanese occupation during World War II. Two republics were declared and both the communist North Korea and nationalist South Korea claimed to represent the Korean people. The conflict led to the Korean War – a war that has yet to be ended with a peace treaty. The North Korean regime was initially supported by the Soviet Union and thereafter by China to a certain extent. The regime pursues an isolationist policy called Juche, which means “self-supporting.” Industry and food production are however severely underdeveloped, which has led to widespread starvation. Joachim Lundgren entered North Korea on a tourist visa where over five days he was able to depict the country and its situation in a unique collection of images.

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Peace / Fredsbilder av Joachim Lundgren