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Carolina Rediviva



The Carolina Rediviva building is the main building of the Uppsala University Library and was built between 1820 and 1841. When you see the size of the place you’ll understand why.

Carolina Rediviva literally means Carolina Revived because this library replaced an older one. Outside and in, it’s an architectural stunner. Visit the reading rooms with their tall columns, high ceilings and high windows, pick out a volume and feed your mind. Take a stroll through the white-painted, golden-chandeliered Book Hall and wonder if there is a more stylish way in the world of presenting 5,000,000 books.

While we’re on the subject of books, the world famous 6th century Codex Argenteus or ‘Silver Bible’ is part of the library’s collection of very rare and very valuable manuscripts and maps. You’ll find it in the exhibition room, along with musical notations made by Mozart’s hand, medieval manuscripts and some 3,500 shelf-metres of hand-written documents. A place of learning, a place of quiet contemplation. A great place to visit.

Starting early spring 2017, parts of Carolina Rediviva will be closed for renovation. The work is estimated to last 18-24 months


Disabled persons:
Access- reduced mobility/wheelchairs
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