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Ulva Kvarn

A popular spot near the Fyris River


At Ulva Kvarn outside Uppsala, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, look at handicraft, purchase beautiful things and have coffee. You can also sunbathe and go fishing. Here you will find, among other things, a silversmith, a rustic antique shop, a glass-blower's hut and textile handicrafts. The beautiful surroundings are ideal for walks and have a picnics. You can see both otters and dippers along the river.

You can also visit the Glashytta Ulven glassblower’s workshop and shop, the Ulva general store, the Ulva Krog restaurant, Café Ulva Kvarn, the Frenesi Design silversmith’s workshop, the Skuttungen artists’ collective, Tidlösa Ur, the Presentbutiken Vinden in Ulva gift shop, and the Alvens Ateljé studios. By the river there is an asp ladder for Uppland’s province fish, the asp.


Conference facilities:
maximum capacity in restaurant (60)
maximum classroom seating (60)
number of meeting rooms (2)
number of rooms for group activities (1)

Disabled persons:
Access- reduced mobility/wheelchairs
disabled parking
toilet for disabled persons


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