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TO DO Walpurgis

Celebrate Walpurgis in Uppsala

April 30, Walpurgis Eve, is one of the greatest festivals of the year in Uppsala, with floats running the rapids, herring lunches, parties, and much more.

10 am-12 am: The River Rafting. In the mid-1970s Uppsala engineering students started the tradition of running the rapids of the Fyris River on floats. Many, many imaginatively themed and manned vessels try their luck at navigating the two falls and floating downstream through the city. It is a grand and extremely popular tradition. 

3 pm: Caps on! The university’s vice-chancellor raises his white student cap from the balcony of the Carolina Rediviva library, which is the signal to one and all to put their caps on, too. Then everyone runs the “champagne gallop” down the hill. 

3:02 pm: Spring concert. The world-famous OD choir welcome spring with songs at Carolina Rediviva library.

9 pm: Evening choir at Uppsala Castle. The Allmänna Sången choir perform spring songs near the Gunilla Bell at Uppsala Castle. 

During the evening and night: Bonfires. On you’ll find a list of the bonfires that have been authorized by the police.


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