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100 year anniversary Ingmar Bergman

visit the birthplace of Ingmar bergman uppsala celebrates the iconic film maker

This year one of Sweden's leading artists is celebrated throughout the year - the world-renowned filmmaker, theater director and writer Ingmar Bergman. The centennial anniversary is noted worldwide, especially in Uppsala, the birthplace of Ingmar Bergman and the city of his childhood memories.

Ingmar Bergman was born under dramatic circumstances at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala on July 14, 1918. When he was two years old, the family moved to Stockholm. However, Ingmar Bergman had a strong connection to Uppsala, something that is reflected in several of his films, but most clearly in the classics "Fanny and Alexander". Here he spent his first days as well as a large part of his childhood up to the age of 15, mainly visiting and stayig with his dear grandmother Anna at Trädgårdsgatan. And it was in the old cinema on the same street, that his grandmother used to take him, where he found his great love for movies.

The child Bergman is said to have enjoyd staying at his grandmother's apartment near the cathedral, perhaps above all for the magical and supernatural atmosphere he claimed to have experienced there. It came later to be the inspiration for a majority of his films. He has described the house as full of supernatural things - of spirits that some could speak and furniture with magical powers. Bergman never experienced the grandmother's house as an adult, which can explain his recurring dream of returning to his childhood, to experience the magic over and over again.

In 2018, Uppsala as well as the rest of the world celebrates the 100 year anniversary of his birth. The celebration in Uppsala is focused on his childhood and all the places that meant the most to him. Watch theater performances, follow on walks in the childhood quarters of Bergman and experience the places that figure in his world-famous movies.

On November 1-18, Ingmar Bergman is also praised during the Uppsala Light Festival - an outdoor gallery of artworks of lights around the center of Uppsala, focusing on the child Bergman and creativity.

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