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Exhibitors - Student Uppsala 2017

Exhibitors Student uppsala 2017

At the event, companies, associations and organisations will be on hand to give you information, tips and offers. They can help you make the best of your time studying in Uppsala. You can find this year’s exhibitors here.

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Get help with practical matters

As a new student, there are many practical matters that have to be taken care of. You may need help to find student accommodation, find a dentist/doctor/gynaecologist/optician, arrange a bank card/insurance, learn how to travel smart by buses and trains, sign electricity/phone subscriptions, help to register your new address or learn more Swedish. There are many companies on hand with exciting offers that make student life easier.

Current exhibitors:

Extra job or trainee position

Having an extra job alongside your studies can be good, both to get more money to live on and valuable working life experience for the future. At the event, you can meet several companies looking for new recruits.

Current exhibitors:

Sports and exercise

At the event, you can meet representatives from various gyms, sports associations and dance centres. They can help you find your way among all of the exercise facilities and sports associations if you like to exercise and stay active.

Current exhibitors:


Uppsala has a rich cultural life. Here, for example, you have the opportunity to study the autumn programme on offer at the Regina Theatre and Uppsala Art Museum. The Uppsala International Short Film Festival will also be represented and will not only be presenting its programme, but also looking for new volunteers interested in films. Perfect when you need to relax after class or want to add a little culture to your studies.

Current exhibitors:

Clubs and societies activities

As a student in Uppsala there are plenty of clubs and societies you can join, in addition to your student nation (a social club representing your home region). Meet representatives from different clubs or societies and find out how you can get involved in voluntary activities.

Offers and discounts

Keeping your finances in check as a student can be a challenge. Student loans and grants have to cover everything. That is why we have invited Studenthäftet and Studentkortet to the event, which provide access to hundreds of discounts from local, national and global companies. During the event you will be able to find out more about all of their coupons and discounts. This should make it easier to keep your finances in the black.

Current exhibitors:

Food and drink

No experience is complete without food and drink. We have invited Heta köket food truck to sell real Mexican food. On site, Uppsala-based Lindvall's coffee with five-generation roaster experience also offers freshly brewed coffee.

Current exhibitors:

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